Hudhaifa Ahmed

Having spent the last 7 years developing enterprise software solutions, delivering reliable and successful products to millions of customers, I enjoy spending my time tackling interesting problems and presenting feasible innovative solutions. I am always driven by my curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions, I am blessed to have the ability to quickly learn and adapt to arising challenges. I love to work closely with customers and identify strategic solutions.

Specialize In

Cloud Solutions

Wide range of expertise deploying maintaining and automating, cloud solutions such as , Openstack , Vmware , using modern tools puppet , ansible

Cross Platform

Utilizing the right tools to present high-quality solutions that fits the client needs and reach a wide range of audience on different devices.

IoT / Big Data

Leveraging new and emerging practices for Enterprise Data Management utilizing Hadoop and Software-based Platforms all while Ensuring excellent practices are utilized in delivering Big Data Management and Integration Solutions.

User Experience Focused

With a great focus on user interaction to ensure the best quality software, its all about Improving Performance, Increasing Exposure and Improve Credibility


Employment History