Zain DOS 207

Application Overview

Zain DOS System (2012) : Advance Ticketing and Billing System For Mobile Telecommunication Company,

Technologies: ASP.NET , C# , HTML, AJAX , Jquery , MSSQL , MVC , CSS , IIS

My Role :
  1. Analyses the client current deployed system
  2. Analyses system requirements and discuss client needs
  3. Plan and implement the initial system design
  4. Plan Develop application Front-end - Back-end including database design and reporting services using MVC best practices and the latest web technologies.
  5. Develop billing reports and provide an easy to use interface for custom report generation
  6. Develop a centralized administration panel with multiple permission levels for system administrators and support teams to work cooperatively and efficiently
  7. Developed a Secure Licensing System
  8. Unit Testing - Deployment - Staff Training
  9. Provide Continuous support for client needs and developing new features and updates
  1. Self Service Tools
  2. Customer Access
  3. Collaboration Tools
  4. Powerful Search
  5. Service Requests
  6. Asset Management
  7. Ticket Integration
  8. Task Management
  9. Analytics
  10. Management Dashboard