TV Media Service

Application Overview

A centralized Multi Node Tv streaming solution that provide 247 media entertainment content to clients manage by an easy to use dashboard to setup streams and manage schedule with a front end website.

Technologies: ASP.NET , C# , HTML, AJAX , Jquery , MSSQL , MVC , CSS , Telerik Tools , VLC Streaming Services , IMDB Third-party APIS , Mobile API Web-services , IIS

My Role :
  1. Redesign the existing company TV media website moving toward more dynamic design and database oriented software
  2. Integrate VLC streaming services to improve the video quality and reduce the bandwidth allowing for a lower cost and a more enjoyable experience
  3. Develop full TV management control panel with a simple to use GUI for monitoring - managing and scheduling programs and media content
  4. integrate IMDB third party API to provide more information regarding the currently playing media
  5. develop web service and APIs to communicate with the TV mobile application for both iOS and android
  6. Continue to develop and improve the system as the company expands and the user reach is getting bigger
  1. Stream Management Tools
  2. Front End Website
  3. Streaming Nodes Integration
  4. Customer Access
  5. Search Engine
  6. Analytics
  7. Reporting Tools