Hotel Management Solution

Application Overview

Dedicated hotel cms system , provides wide range of hotel services for customers , the online system allows hotel customers to book hotel rooms , services , an other different hotel related tasks , the system also functions as a profile website for the hotel showcasing all the different rooms and lobbies for clients to have a better understanding of what the hotel has to offer .

My Role
  1. Plan and Discuss the initial software requirements with different organization departments .
  2. Plan Develop application Front-end - Back-end including database design and reporting services using MVC best practices and the latest web technologies.
  3. Unit Testing - Deployment - Staff Training
  4. Continue to support and maintain the software adding more features and improvements
  1. Property Management
  2. Booking Engine
  3. Reporting (Dashboard , Simple Reports)
  4. Multi Location
  5. Service Requests
  6. Asset Management
  7. Ticket Integration
  8. Analytics