GPS KML Management

Application Overview :

A Specialized web application responsible for registering and categorizing different Point of interest located on a specific geographical maps , along with an advanced search engine and flexible api which allows for easy integration with other systems and applications , the application is mostly focused on telecommunication installments .

My Role
  1. Plan and develop and data visualization / business intelligence solution to chart interest points on a geographical map ,
  2. Collect and Audit geographical documents and point of interest files to compile them and provide easy to use integration tools to be used by the company employees .
  3. Plan Develop application Front-end - Back-end including database design and reporting services using MVC best practices and the latest web technologies.
  4. Unit Testing - Deployment - Staff Training
  5. Continue to develop and improve the software as new feature requests .
  1. Manage Geographical Information (KML , Import / Export)
  2. Location Based Search Engine
  3. Reporting (Dashboard , Simple Reports)
  4. User Management
  5. Analytics