Ecommerce Store

Application overview

Technologies: ASP.NET , C# , HTML, AJAX , Jquery ,MSSQL, MVC , CSS , Telerik Tools , IIS , LINQ , Entity Framework

The Product is a complete web application designed to allow users to navigate and purchase applications developed by the company and third parties it has multi permission level which grants users some more services above others the system is a semi-cms which includes most of the functionality found in a cms system it allows for the company employed to upload and publish applications and specify its properties and user access settings.

My Role :
  1. Plan and develop and full featured ecommerce solution to sell and promote products.
  2. Collect and Audit business information to populate the website content conducting meetings with various company departments .
  3. Plan Develop application Front-end - Back-end including database design and reporting services using MVC best practices and the latest web technologies.
  4. Unit Testing - Deployment - Staff Training
  5. Continue to develop and improve the software as new feature requests .
  1. Catalog Management (Categories , Brands , Products)
  2. Content Management (Pages , Blog , Homepage , Banners , Navigation , Auto email)
  3. Review Management
  4. Comments Management
  5. Customers Management
  6. Order Management
  7. Discount Management
  8. Reporting (Dashboard , Simple Reports)
  9. Search Engine (Dynamic Titles)
  10. User Management
  11. Media Management
  12. Analytics