Earthlink Telecomm Profile

Application Overview

A highly customizable cms system , developed to server as company profile website , the web application is based on an in-house developed cms system which allows for fast response time and rich dynamic content easy edit and update , along with real time news update and an advance control panel to manage the site content and information .

My Role :
  1. Plan and develop and full featured cms system in to be used as base as the company public profile ,
  2. Collect and Audit business information to populate the website content conducting meetings with various company departments .
  3. Plan Develop application Front-end - Back-end including database design and reporting services using MVC best practices and the latest web technologies.
  4. Unit Testing - Deployment - Staff Training
  5. Continue to develop and improve the software as new feature requests .
  1. Publishing Tools
  2. User Management
  3. Media Management
  4. Analytics
  5. Search Engine