E-Gov Document Archiving

Application Overview

Archiving System serves as general electronic archiving application along with some specific modules and built in hardware integration it features fully functional archiving - document management system ,the desktop application provides an easy to use interface and has a dedicated back end software deployed on multiple servers to ensure data consistency and provide historical provisioning .

Technologies :

Thin Clients, Windows Server , DC , RODC , VDI ,ASP.NET , C# , HTML, AJAX , Jquery , CSS , MSSQL , LINQ , MVC , Telerik Tools , IIS,Powershell , Entity Framework , Winforms

My Role :
  1. Provide the initial plan regarding the project development , assist in development team recruitment and tasks assignments
  2. develop and integrate multiple desktop solution to be used in the final egov System using the following technologies C#, Winforms , MSSQL , Powershell , Entity Framework , Asp.net
  3. Research And Develop thin client implementation and windows VDI
  4. Develop the integration software for third-party printers and scanners along with smart card devices
  5. Provide Unit Testing to ensure the software efficiency
  6. Deploy the system in specified government data-centers and configure the windows servers
  7. Administer the government data-centers configuring DC , RODC - IIS , and VDI Services
  8. Provide training for the IT Team in Charge
  1. Document Management Tools (Create / Share / Archive)
  2. Desktop / Web Interfaces
  3. Data Provisioning
  4. Thin Client Access Modules
  5. Windows VDI Compatible
  6. Secure Document Signing