Multiplayer Gaming System

Application Overview

ASP.NET , C# , HTML, AJAX , Jquery , MSSQL , MVC , CSS , UDP Networking Protocols , Game Server APIS [Counter Strike , COD4 , MW4 , GTAV] , Powershell , IIS

My Role :
  • Redesign the existing company gaming portal moving toward more dynamic design and database oriented software
  • Develop the game servers management control panel using udp communication protocol and integrate it with each game unique api system
  • Develop Reports and statistics regarding running servers , number of current players , and the highest score in every game session , along with automated game server deployment
  • Continue to improve and support new multiplayer games and provide new features in the administration panel
  • Unit Testing - Deployment - Staff Training
  • Planning the implementation of a new cloud bases gaming system similar to giaka and onlive using custom virtual environment

Platforms : Cross Platform