Github Contributions

Open source Contributions

Below you may find a list of projects I have contributed to overtime and will continue to contribute and add more projects


Cloud Decimation / Mesh Optimization System

An Enterprise solution to optimize complex architecture models for use on desktop and mobile devices , the system aims to provide multiple level of resolution / Quality , and aims to support all types of meshes , also it has a full support for unity engine

The main reason of the development of the system is to provide an easy to use solution for architect designers allowing them to distribute their models of a large range of devices and services , by handling complex mesh optimization


Asteroid Generator Plugin Unity3D

A useful plugin for generating fast asteroid Fields for space games , to be used in unity engine

  1. Generate Random Asteroid Fields
  2. Wide Range of Randomization Controls
  3. In Editor View [WYSIWYG]
  4. Sample Scene included



Food Ordering Web Application


ResumeBuilder 0.1 Alpha

A simplified resume template solution for applying to multiple jobs with different preferences and skills.



Dynamic asynchronous game server to be used with unity game engine for general game server development


A useful plugin for managing complex GUI menus , to be used in unity engine

  1. Load Dynamic Menus At Runtime
  2. Easily Load new scene
  3. Simple navigation between menus
  4. Modular Design