Ultra Tendency GmbH

Current Position : Senior Lead Big Data Developer / Regional Manager


  1. Leveraging new and emerging practices for Enterprise Data Management utilizing Hadoop and Software-based Platforms.
  2. Ensuring excellent practices are utilized in delivering Big Data Management and Integration Solutions.
  3. Develop and Implement different strategies that drastically improve the performance of existing and new Big Data Solutions.
  4. Formulating and implementing risk mitigation strategies.
  5. Middleware Programming utilizing Java, Scala, Python
  6. Responsible for building and supporting a Hadoop-based ecosystem designed for enterprise-wide analysis of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  7. Programmed and executed scalable and quality application code.
  8. Establish strong working relationship with business, teammates, and others within organization
  9. Conducting interviews for hiring associates for Big Data systems.

Promotions Summary

  1. Jan 2018 - Promoted to Lead Big Data Developer
  2. Jun 2018 - Promoted to Regional Manager


  1. Something awesome coming soon....