Redlight Development

Job Title : Freelance Software Developer


  1. Develop cross platform software for clients , providing a detailed budget and cost analysis along with a customized solution development plan.
  2. Helping clients identify software requirements and to understand the results and implications of solution development in the future.
  3. Selecting, supervising, training developers , and IT staff for clients and ongoing projects .
  4. Introduce and embrace the open source culture by encouraging the use open source software and migrating critical solution successfully to open source alternatives Redmine / Spagobi etc…
  5. Plan analyze and execute the database design for critical solutions using different technologies MSSQL / MYSQL
  6. Provide various IT and Software development services for all clients .


  1. Achieve client satisfaction and provide on going support to multiple projects.
  2. Gain a solid software development reputation based on delivered projects.
  3. Contribute to opensource community.