Earthlink Telecom

Current Position : Research and Development Manager


  1. Improve and renovate the research and development programs to meet organizational needs and to capitalize on potential new products.
  2. Helping senior management and internal clients to understand the results and implications of research and development initiatives.
  3. Selecting, supervising, training and directing the work of Research and Development staff
  4. Introduce and embrace the open source culture by encouraging the use open source software and migrating critical solution successfully to open source alternatives openstack / ceph.
  5. Plan the database design for critical solutions using different technologies MSSQL / MYSQL

Promotions Summary

  1. Jan 2013 - Promoted to Senior Developer
  2. May 2014 - Promoted to Lead Developer
  3. Feb 2015 - Promoted to Research And Development Manager


  1. Increase employee engagement by over 150% in a period of 1 year by providing a competitive environment.
  2. improve project management process by integrating CI / CD tools to achieve efficient well written solutions (Rundeck, Redmine , Gitlab).
  3. Renovated most of the company VAS services to be more in compliant with current needs that lead to 50% more engagement.
  4. Lead the third party solution development by taking initiative to advertise the company products and to coordinate with clients to provide the most satisfaction possible.
  5. Improved the hiring process by 80% using dedicated recruitment tools and interviewing skills to elect the best talents possible.
  6. Decreased software deployment costs by applying automated integration / automated deployment tools saved over 16+ Hours for each deployment.
  7. Reduce hardware resource usage significantly by planning / developing / deploying cloud technologies to save on resource and improve the solution performance.
  8. Improve Solution up-time by implementing software monitoring tools and applying feasible threshold for the services , providing maintenance documents to quickly resolve issues.